step 1 - Join

You can rewrite the course of medical education in India. All we need to do is to get united and work towards a single objective. It all starts with one click! Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter so we can see our numbers grow and make a HUGE impact!

step 2 - Send The Appeal

Each time someone sends the appeal, an email is sent to the Hon. Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr Ghulam Nabhi Azad. The more people that send the appeal, the more emails are sent out. Our aim is to get as many people as possible to do so and show our leaders that this is an important issue that affects the masses.

Fill out the appeal form. It takes less than a minute!


step 3 - Share

Now that you have joined the campaign and sent the appeal, you must share this with all your friends! We will find strength in numbers, so use you network on Facebok, Twitter or any other social network to spread the word!

step 4 - Participate

The 'SAVE THE DOCTOR' campaign is not just limited to the digital world! Join us as we engage in various peaceful activities to further promote our cause. Keep an eye on the Facebook page to know more about the various events in your city!