Dr. Devi Shetty

Dr. Devi Shetty

Treasurer, AHPI

"It is a sad plight that nearly two lakh young doctors in our country, at the peak of their youth, spend quite a few years in coaching classes mugging multiple choice questions rather than treating patients and learning the art of healing. These doctors, under the right circumstances, can significantly improve the quality of healthcare. Every Indian household once dreamed of making their child a doctor, but today, it is considered as a costly and tedious process."

Dr. Narendra Saini

Secretary General, IMA

"The Indian Medical Association supports rural posting. But in the present situation, making it compulsory is not feasible because there is no structured posting in rural areas. According to an RTI which we filed, only 2866 vacancies are there in rural areas but we are producing 40000 doctors. So the rest of them will be waiting for their rural posting and will be stuck with nowhere to go as they are not eligible to take up their PG entrance exams too. Every PG student must do six months of rural posting as a part of their course/ internship."

Dr. Navneet Motreja

Coordinator, Campaign – Save the Doctor

"There are 12,000 PG seats for 40,000 UG seats in India compared to 32,000 PG seats for 19,000 UG seats in USA. This is the most common cause of Brain Drain which is happening. If situation does not change we are not far from desperate measures like importing surgeons from other countries. Recently, due to public pressure Brazilian PM agreed to import 6,000 specialist doctors from Cuba."

"Thousands of MBBS graduates disregard their dream of pursuing a career in the medical field as it is so difficult to secure their future by obtaining that valuable post-graduate seat.How will a doctor then support of his family? How will a doctor then face his counterparts from other professions or in society in general?"

Dr. Alexander Thomas

Vice President, AHPI

"Since huge numbers of doctors are studying at home, there is severe shortage of specialists in India. No other course takes so long to establish which includes studies, training plus waiting time. So the only solution is to increase the PG seats on par with UG seats."

Dr. Naresh Trehan, CMD, Medanta on Save The Doctor

Dr. Narendra Saini, Secretary General - IMA on Medical PG seats