There are 45,600 undergraduate (UG) medical seats in the country, out of which around 40,000 graduates pass out every year. As of now, there are 45,600 UG seats and 22,000 PG seats – out of which only 12,000 PG seats are in clinical subjects of interest. Due to this, there is a dearth of trained medical practitioners in specific areas of medical expertise resulting in patients suffering due to lack of qualified doctors. For records, USA has 19,000 UG seats and 32,000 PG seats.

One year compulsory rural posting has only added fuel to fire. Thus to complete a course of DM takes nearly 13 years! It becomes almost impossible for parents to support the aspiring doctor for so long. It becomes imperative for doctors to have a look at alternatives thinking he is not destined to become a super specialist. If only rural posting becomes part of internship and PG courses, doctors will be exposed to rural healthcare at the appropriate time and we will not lose one precious year to start earning our living.

The Problem:
There is a disparity in the number of seats allotted for PG and UG students and young doctors are getting hit due to this with implications on the quality of treatment given to patients. Also, it is vital to include rural posting as part of internship and PG courses so that one precious year of earned living doesn’t start late.

The Objective:
To create a mass campaign that will influence the policy makers, medical institutions and medical students to act on this issue. Around 2 to 3 lakh medical students have created an association to fight for this cause.

What you can do?

Never underestimate your power as a medical student or a young doctor. World changing events never happened due to the power of individuals, they only happened due to the power of purpose. This must be done for the future of our great nation. No army of the world can guarantee security of a nation where every 10 minutes a young woman dies during childbirth, where over few lakh children die the day they are born. We simply can't allow people to suffer and die in pain when lakhs of passionate doctors are waiting for a license from the govt. to heal them. Your purpose is so lofty that the whole nation will support you, politicians across the party lines will stand behind you; after all you are the future of our great nation. Please spend 15 minutes a day contacting your friends and ask them to sign the “Save the Doctor” appeal, available on AHPI Website which will then be sent to Health Minister of your state with this request:


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